Boston College: Sebastian’s walk-off interception was the play of a lifetime, but it was actually his second

Unless you’re a Heisman Trophy candidate or a just an absolute stud at the Division 1 level, odds are there’s going to be maybe a handful of plays that you take from your college career that were truly memorable or game changing for your team and the fan base.

Brandon Sebastian has had two of those plays in two seasons.

The scoop-and-score in Death Valley last year was an incredible moment, but the walk-off interception to clinch the game against Missouri last Saturday was equally as memorable. Coach Hafley said between the two it’s his favorite for Brandon because it won the game. Sebastian spoke Tuesday following the first practice of Clemson week and tried to answer that tough question.

“That’s a close one, I’m still debating on that one,” he said. “Since I’ve been playing football those are my two favorite moments. A walk off interception, that’s definitely up there with the Clemson play, it’s definitely hard for me to pick…I don’t know man, that’s close, it’s a tough one.”

As you’d expect, Sebastian had a long night Saturday night, but not celebrating or partying, he was just answering all the messages he received following the biggest play for BC football in a long time.

“I had endless, endless,” Sebastian said with a huge grin when asked how many messages were waiting for him once he got back to the locker room. “A lot of people from home, a lot of close friends and family…my phone damn near froze when I was trying to get on it, but yeah, a lot of people hit me up.”

There were so many that hours after the game while people were still tailgating and celebrating the win, Sebastian was still in the locker room.

“It was so many people, I was probably in there for like two hours just looking at my phone (scrolling motion) thank you, thank you, thank you. It was a cool experience.”

Sebastian was also asked about the forearm patting motion he made following the play and before he was mobbed by his teammates in the end zone.

“That same day, my wist band broke, but it was my wrist band, the Jordan Strong one as everyone knows, for my brother that passed away that had cancer,” he explained. “I was just paying tribute to him because he’s definitely watching over me and I think that would be a cool experience for him if he was in the stands too.

“I also had like, probably 15 friends and family at the game too, so it was cool for everyone to be there and support me.”