Boston College: Wrapping up the Duke win and moving on to Texas State

A little less than 24 hours after his first career win as a head coach, Jeff Hafley was back in the office meeting with the media on Sunday.

Hafley chose a background of Alumni Stadium, which for some reason created an “alien” Mr. Burns-like glow around him, perhaps it was just that first-win feeling still radiating through all of our laptops.

BC fans nationwide woke up feeling like a million bucks, although many of them probably had to sleep off a bit of a celebratory hangover. The head coach had a bit more subdued time Saturday night enjoying the special afternoon the Eagles shared.

“We probably got home about 8:00 P.M., and I was very lucky my kids were still up,” Hafley said. “Both my kids were still up, hung out with them, hung out with my wife until she fell asleep and then I was able to catch some of the football games that were on TV. That was pretty much it, man. Celebrating with my family is pretty much how I like to do it, enjoy my kids and my wife.”

The celebration was quick, but the work doesn’t stop. It was back to the grind on Sunday – only for a little while before settling in for an afternoon of NFL watching – as the Eagles wrap up some loose ends on Duke before diving into preparation for the Alumni Stadium opener Saturday night against Texas State.

“Woke up this morning and we watched our tape hard,” Hafley added. “It’s 12:30 so we just had a meeting with the team, I want these guys in and out today I don’t want to be keeping them all day long. I want today to be quick, to be efficient, and then as soon as we’re done with that we’ll meet again, shut the book on this one and then we’ll be on to our next opponent.”

Alumni may not be rocking on Saturday night due to the circumstances, but the bandwagon has already started to fill up quickly.