Boston College: It’s official. The Eagles are playing but the schedule is different

The ACC announced on Wednesday that the conference is playing football this fall. The conference will play ten conference games and one non conference game. This allows for late season rivalries like Clemson and South Carolina, Florida and Florida State and Kentucky and Louisville to continue.

If all goes well with COVID-19, all fall sports in the ACC will begin between Sept 7th and Sept 12th.

The conference will play a championship game but unlike previous years where it featured the top team in the Coastal and the top team in the Atlantic, it will feature the top two teams left standing at season’s end. That includes Notre Dame who will play an all ACC schedule and be allowed to compete for a conference title.

As for the Eagles, their schedule has drastically changed. The ACC didn’t adhere to a regional model so not all the games the Eagles are playing are regional. They still have to travel to Clemson. Here is a breakdown of how the Eagles schedule changed.

The Eagles will not play Wake Forest, NC State, Florida State, Kansas, Ohio, Holy Cross and Purdue. 

Instead they will play Notre Dame, Duke, UVA, Georgia Tech, Pitt and a non conference opponent which will more than likely be regional. UMass and UConn have been mentioned as possible targets.

In theory the Eagles schedule got a little easier but they are not playing Kansas, Ohio and Holy Cross, three very winnable games. So from that stand point, it might be tougher.

The Eagles open fall camp a little later than usual but they will start on Thursday August 6th.

It is welcomed news considering at one point we thought we might not have college football this fall.

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