Patriots Draft: Belichick’s first round success in the draft is a big reason for the Patriots sustained success

Bill Belichick has virtually hit on every first round pick in his 20 year tenure in New England. Dominique Easley aside, Belichick has owned the first round of the NFL Draft. Which is why Patriots fans get so aggravated when he trades out of the first round.

The Patriots have the 23rd pick in this year’s draft and have multiple needs. Belichick has never drafted for need per say. That is why he has never hesitated to trade out of the first round if it enabled him to acquire more picks later or future picks.

Trading out of the first round in this draft however would make very little sense. There will be several quality players at multiple positions available at 23 and the Patriots have 12 picks in this draft so Belichick can maneuver plenty in days two and three.

When you look at all of the picks Belichick has hit on in the first round, you see why the Patriots have been so dominate in the last twenty years.

Here are the Patriots first round picks during the Belichick era.

2001: Richard Seymour (6)

2002: Daniel Graham (21)

2003: Ty Warren (13)

2004: Vince Wilfork (21), Ben Watson (32)

2005: Logan Mankins (32)

2006: Lawrence Maroney (21)

2007: Brandon Merriweather (24)

2008: Jerod Mayo (10)

2010: Devin McCourty (27)

2011: Nate Solder (17)

2012: Chandler Jones (21), Dont’a Hightower (25)

2014: Dominique Easley (29)

2015: Malcolm Brown (32)

2018: Isaiah Wynn (23), Sony Michel (31)

2019: N’Keal Harry (32)

With the exception of Easley, Wynn and Harry, every player on this list has been an integral member and contributor of a Super Bowl team. That is why the Patriots have been to nine Super Bowls and won six of them.

Belichick has had his fair share of misses in the second round but you can not deny his success in picking first round talent. So, let’s see if he holds onto the 23rd pick on Thursday night. Chances are if he does, he will pick another good player that will produce at a high level for years to come.