Division 8 Super Bowl Preview: West Bridgewater (12-0) vs. St. Bernards (8-4)

The Division 8 Super Bowl features two programs that are vastly different in terms of style of play. Both teams want to run the ball on offense but West Bridgewater likes to stretch the field in the passing game. Defensively, they want to be to be aggressive and force the issue with pressure.

Here are three things to watch for in this game.

1. St. Bernard’s must account for Ben Skinner: West Bridgewater’s Ben Skinner is a playmaker. Coach Justin Kogler lines him up in a variety of alignments and gets him the ball consistently. St. Bernard’s must account for him at all times because he is the Wildcats number one threat offensively.

2. Big plays element: In games like this where the shorter quarters matter, both teams have to make big plays. West Bridgewater is the more explosive team so they have the ability to make some big plays. St. Bernards is going to have to make some big plays too if they want to win this game.

3. Experience matters: St. Bernards has been here before, winning the Super Bowl last season. Kogler got Old Rochester to Gillette last season but they lost. Playing in the game matters more than coaching in the game and so based on that, St Bernards has a slight edge.

Final thoughts: I think this will be an entertaining game. It will come down to which teams establishes their style of play first. If St Bernards does, then they use their Wing T offense to control the clock. If West Bridgewater does, they can control the pace and make the Bernardians play from behind. I am going with the latter. I think the Wildcats might just be a little too explosive for the Bernardians.