Patriots Pulse Blog: Tom Brady Not Being At Voluntary Workouts is Not a Big Deal

I have come around to the notion that Tom Brady skipping voluntary workouts is really not a big deal after all. If any other player including Rob Gronkowski missed them, then I would have a problem with that. When your 40 year old all world quarterback misses them, it is not a big deal.

The local media has been whipped up into a frenzy regarding Brady’s absence. Many are speculating that this might be the beginning of the Patriots demise. Really? Brady skipping voluntary workouts is the beginning of the Patriots down fall? Cut the crap!

If there is one guy who could miss these workouts, it’s Brady. He works harder than anyone on the team in the off-season. His preparation and taking of his body is legendary. Brady will be ready to go when he is required to be there.

Brady made the conscious decision this off-season to spend more time with his family. There is nothing wrong with that. So what if Gisele makes him attend the MET Gala dressed up as a host at P.F Chang’s? Sure, he looks goofy but Brady can do what ever he wants. He’s earned that right.

I know some are predicting Armageddon around here because Brady isn’t at Gillette lifting, running wind sprints and running plays on air with his teammates but trust me, the Patriots will be fine. No season has ever hinged on the attendance at a voluntary workout.

Breathe New England. Everything will be fine. Don’t buy into the nonsense the local media is spewing. Brady will eventually show and the Patriots will be fine.