Patriots Pulse Blog: Sony Michel’s Rose Bowl Performance is a Preview of What’s to Come

The Patriots selection of running back Sony Michel with pick number 31 of the first round raised some eyebrows on Thursday night. The Patriots didn’t need a running back. In fact, it is their deepest position on the roster.

Despite that, Bill Belichick decided to was too hard to pass up on a talent like Michel.

If you watched Michel play in the Rose Bowl, you can see why. Michel rushed for 3 touchdowns and 181 yards and caught four passes for 41 yards and a touchdown. It was one of the greatest performances in Rose Bowl history.

Here is a breakdown of all four of Michel’s touchdowns. Georgia did a tremendous job of using him in a myriad of ways.

Here is a breakdown of all four of Michel’s touchdowns.

First Touchdown: Michel scores a 13 yard touchdown on this pass play. Georgia uses jet motion, snaps it when the receiver is behind Jake Frohm. Frohm fakes it to Michel, he slips into the left flat and is wide open for the touchdown. It’s just a two man route but it is effective because of Georgia’s ability to run the ball. This is great play design by offensive coordinator Jim Chaney.

Second Touchdown: Michel scored a 75 yard touchdown on this play. Georgia once again uses jet motion to force Oklahoma to bump and adjust. On the snap, Jake Frohm hands it to Michel who makes a quick step cut, accelerates and scores. OC Jim Chaney used deception routinely to create running lanes for Michel.

Third Touchdown: Michel scored his third touchdown on a simple mid zone play that he cut outside. Michel’s finishing speed is impressive. He blew by Oklahoma’s secondary defenders and finished the run.

Fourth Touchdown: Michel’s fourth and final touchdown was a 27 yard touchdown run on a direct snap outside zone. Michel once again showed his speed and burst in space. Once he creased it, he was gone.

The Rose Bowl was a dress rehearsal of what’s to come for Michel in New England. The Patriots offense is perfect for his skill set. Offensive coordinator Josh McDaniels will find ways to get Michel in space and get him the ball.