Tom Brady the Pitch Man is Starting to Wear on Me.

Brady Bed

I’m getting a little tired of Tom Brady the pitch man. For years, Patriots fans argued that one of the reasons Brady was better than Peyton Manning was the fact that he was more genuine and down to earth. He was a regular guy. Well, times have changed. Brady has decided to go the way of Manning and whore himself out as a pitch man.

If you follow Brady on social media, its obvious that the only reason he is on social media is to promote something. Whether its his TB12 line of clothing, Under Armour or Uggs, Brady is always wearing something that promotes the products he pitches. Brady has also ventured into cooking. Last week, he released a $200 dollar healthy living cookbook. The book centers around Brady’s bizarre diet. Yeah, no thanks Tom. If I wanted to eat like a grazing cow or an aborigine, I would buy your cookbook. I prefer eating like a human being.

Brady once again jumped the shark yesterday when he announced through social media that he has partnered with Beautyrest. Now Brady is promoting beds. Give me a break! Enough already. Its bad enough we have to see Manning’s stupid face plastered everywhere, now we’re forced to see Brady and his stupid cleft chin plastered all over the place! I want to see less of Brady’s face and more of Brady wearing a helmet! Focus on OTA’s and training Tom!

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