The Daily Script for 5/10/16

Even the Jets had enough common sense to walk away from a jacked dude who takes selfies all day and hasn’t played football in years. 

1. A new broom sweeps clean and apparently that was the case at ESPN yesterday.

2. Sean McDonough will be a welcomed changed on MNF. Mike Tirico and his corny schtick was getting old.

3. Texas A&M coach Kevin Sumlin disciplined wide receiver coach Aaron Moorehead for his tweet directed at five star quarterback recruit Tate Martell, who decommitted from A&M last week. We don’t know what the punish is but I’m sure it’s far from severe.

4. Jim Harbaugh is now doing 26 satellite camps. He’s plopping pie in the face of the NCAA and it’s awesome! The guy genuinely doesn’t give a shit!

5. I can’t believe the Jets passed on running back Terron Beckham. How do you pass on a guy with his credentials? You know. Last played in high school, cousins with Odell Beckham. That’s a thick resume. The Jets will regret this decision. 

6. The Lions acquiring Jon Bostic from the Patriots yesterday is probably the nail in the coffin for Stephen Tulloch. He will officially be released this week is my guess. I emphasize guess. 

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