The Daily Script: Weekend Edition. 

Laremy Tunsil needs to stop pretending he’s fighting in World War I and start playing football! 

1. Is it really a big deal that Cyrus Jones will wear the number 24? Come on people? Don’t we have anything better to talk about?
2. Laremy Tunsil is already lobbying Dolphins coaches to play tight end. How about we start off with tackle and laying off the gas mask bong Laremy. 

3. Moritz Boehringer figured out this week that he is no longer playing in a full contact, German beer league. The NFL is for real son! 

4. I agree with John Elway. Paxton Lynch is closer to starting than people think. 

5. Bills rookie defensive tackle Adolphus Washington thinks his college teammate Cardale Jones can be a better pro quarterback than he was in college. Yeah, if he keeps his weight in check, makes good decisions on and off the field and stays committed.

6. According to Jeff Fisher, Jared Goff is doing a great job of picking up the offense. I’m glad he’s already picked his run game steps and play action set ups. He’ll be handing off to Todd Gurley a lot this season.

7. Mike Leach endorsing Donald Trump at a rally yesterday was great. The only other thing that could top that is if Trump picks Leach as his running mate. That would be awesome. 

8. Jimbo Fisher dismissed running back Mario Pender from the team. It took unbridled violence committed by Pender to get kicked off the team but he was kicked. 

9. Penn State will start selling alcohol at football games. Boy, for a university that’s been under the microscope in recent years, they sure do know how to stay out of the spotlight huh? 

10. RIP Greg Bryant. Talk about a pointless waste of life. 

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