Sorry Patriots Fans. I Can’t Hate Peyton Manning for Tutoring Ryan Tannehill.


Patriots fans are in an uproar today with the news that Peyton Manning is tutoring Dolphins quarterback Ryan Tannehill. My response to that? Who gives a shit!

Why is it a big deal that Manning is tutoring Tannehill? Not for nothing but is anyone surprised that Manning is tutoring a quarterback? He’s a gym rat! A football junkie! He loves the game and he loves being around it. I’m not surprised that he is tutoring Tannehill. That’s why he started the Manning Passing Academy. Quarterback play is a passion of Manning’s. He loved playing the position and he loves sharing his knowledge and experience with other quarterbacks.

Besides, is it going to really matter that much? Tannehill is what he is. A middle of the road quarterback who is good enough to play in the NFL but he isn’t good to lead a team to a championship. The Dolphins will never win a Super Bowl with him at the controls. I don’t care what Manning teaches him. Patriots fans need to relax. You have nothing to worry about. Tannehill will still be an average quarterback regardless of what Manning teaches him.

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