ESPN Rebooting Their Football Coverage Is Not a Surprise. 

ESPN continued to reboot their football coverage today by announcing that Ray Lewis and Cris Carter will not be returning next season. The network announced earlier this off-season that Mike Ditka and Keyshawn Johnson were not returning next season. Trent Dilfer announced last week that he is not returning next season either. The network did announce that today that Randy Moss will be joining it’s coverage. 

I can’t say I’m surprised. Television is a ratings driven business. ESPN’s football ratings have been steadily going down the last two seasons and a big reason for that was fans started getting annoyed and turned off by Johnson, Carter and especially Lewis. It’s no surprise that when ESPN hired Matt Hasselbeck, Charles Woodson and Moss that changes were coming. You don’t bring them in to be a part of your daily coverage. They’ll be a part of Sunday Countdown and the Monday Night coverage. 

I’m glad ESPN is making these changes. Sunday Countdown needed the facelift. The show had gotten stale and I think the new faces will add a fresh perspective, something that the show desperately needed. If nothing else, I’m just glad to see that horses ass Lewis off the air!  

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