NFL At Large: Four Downs with Doc for 4/10/16


The Jets better get used to seeing Ryan Clady in civies. It’s going to be a frequent occurrence. 

1st Down: Former All-Pro Defensive End Will Smith Shot to Death: Former all pro defensive end Will Smith was shot to death last night after a traffic accident. Smith’s wife was also shot multiple times but survived. I can’t even wrap my brain around this senseless act of violence. Smith was a married man with three young children. My prayers go out to Smith’s wife and his young children. May he rest in peace.

2nd Down: The Jets Down Grade At Left Tackle By Trading for Clady: Look, I get it. The Jets want to re-sign Ryan Fitzpatrick so they ask DeBrickshaw Ferguson to take a pay cut and he retired, freeing up $9 million dollars in cap space. So, what do the Jets do? Instead of making an offer to Fitzy, they trade for Ryan Clady and give him a two year deal. That’s right, the same Ryan Clady who has missed two of the last three seasons with a knee injuries. Clady is a good player but he can’t stay healthy and he’s not an upgrade over Ferguson. The Jets are suckers for name cache so I’m not surprised they traded for Clady. 

3rd Down: Johnny Flair (Manziel) Moves in With Von Miller: The former A&M teammates are living my together. Can you imagine all the weed those two are going to buy and smoke? Holy moly will they smoke a lot of ganja. Oh and Manziel is hoping to sign with the Broncos. I don’t see it happening. If you’re John Elway, you’re better off signing Tim Tebow than Johnny Flair. At least he’s a good person. 

4th Down: T-Rich to Sign with the Ravens: Why? What makes the Ravens think this guy has anything left? Memo to Ozzie Newsome. HE HAS NOTHING LEFT! HE’S DONE! Then again, Richardson never was. He’s one of the biggest busts in league history and signing with the Ravens won’t change that. 

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