Doc’s Daily Rants: Weekend Edition.

If Cam Neely and Don Sweeney were smart, they wouldn’t fire Claude Julien. 

1. The Bruins choked! PERIOD! Julien deserves blame, Neely deserves blame but more importantly, the players deserve blame. They are all at fault! 

2. Firing Claude Julien is not the answer. Who is out there that is a better coach than Julien? Guy Boucher? Marc Crawford? Jacques Martin? Give me a break! Julien is a better coach than any of those guys. 

3. I hope the Bruins do hire Mike Milbury if they fire Julien. That way when they fail, it falls on him! He’s a bum! Stay behind the desk Mike. 

4. The Celtics reinforced the notion that they are not a contender after their 118-107 loss to the Hawks last night. THEY CAN’T WIN ON THE ROAD! They’ll now have to settle for the fourth seed in the east provided they can hold off the Heat. 

5. The Red Sox are hitting the crap out of the ball to start this season. It doesn’t matter what kind of pitching they get if they keep hitting the ball like this. 

6. Han Ram is off to a great start for the Sox. Say what you will about him, but the guy can hit. He’ll be fine this season as long as he stays focused and healthy. 

7. Is anyone really surprised that Pablo Sandoval’s belt snapped. He’s a fat turd! He’s out of shape! What do you expect?

8. Alex Ovechkin scored a hat trick last night and finished the season with his seventh 50 goal season. Call me crazy but Ovechkin might be the great pure scorer in NHL history.

9. RIP Will Smith. Why is our society so damn violent! Senseless! Absolutely senseless!