Fraud of the Day: De’Brickashaw Ferguson

Former Jets left tackle De’Brickashaw Ferguson announced his retirement yesterday after a ten year career in the NFL. The 32 year old Ferguson claims he retired because he is no longer playing at the level that he is accustomed to. Right, I don’t buy it. I think he’s full of shit! 

Ferguson is retiring because the Jets asked him to take a pay cut last week. It has nothing to do with Ferguson’s level of play or as he claims “his health”. If the Jets were still willing to pay Ferguson his $14.1 million salary for this upcoming season, he would still be playing. It bothers me that some of these guys are using concussions or injuries as an execuse when it’s more about the money.

I used to respect Ferguson. Now I think he’s a fraud. He’s made $70 million in his career, so I’m sure he’ll be fine financially. Besides, I’m sure he’s already got a deal with either ESPN or the NFL Network so he won’t struggle to put food on his family’s table.