Doc’s Daily Blurb: Sixers Fans Should Have a Championship Type Celebration After the News That Sam Hinkie is Stepping Down.

 The tedious and painful rebuild under Sam Hinkie is over in Philadelphia. 

The man who proclaimed that Sixers fans should “trust the process” is done. Sam Hinkie stepped down last night as Sixers President and GM. Citing stress, Hinkie decided to step away from the team.

 Sixers fans should be elated! They should hold a celebratory rally in downtown Philly in honor of Hinkie resigning. 

After watching Hinkie ruin their team for the last four years, Sixers fans have hope with the announcement that Bryan Colangelo is taking over as GM. With the Sixers having a boatload of picks in the coming years, Coloangelo can accelerate “the process” and help the Sixers be competitive again. Something Hinkie couldn’t do. This is a great day to be a Sixers fan. You can breath a sigh of relief. The king is dead!