Doc’s Daily Rants: Weekend Edition.

Buddy Hield in a Celtics uniform? Yes please! 

1. The Celtics and Bruins both won last night but the games were much closer than they should’ve been. You’ve got to blow out teams like the Suns and Leafs.

2. The B’s snapped a five game skid last night in Toronto but they didn’t play well. It was 2-1 for most of the night. They’ll need to play much better if they want to secure a playoff spot.

3. Kansas got bounced by Villanova last night. Yet another Bill Self team chokes in the tournament.

4. Why is it a big deal that Coach K lectured some kid from Oregon? So what? He lectures people all the time. He’s the leader of men!

5. I don’t know much about this Buddy Hield kid from Oklahoma but he seems to be pretty good. I wouldn’t mind seeing him in a Celtics uni next year. The dude can score! 

6. I really don’t give a shit if the Warriors get to 73 wins! I’m sick of hearing about it. I kind of hope they don’t. 

7. One more week of meaningless baseball games and then it all starts for real! To quote Bart Scott. Can’t wait!