Bloody Red Sox Blog: Travis Shaw Better Start Over that Abomination Sandoval at Third Base!


John Farrell needs to do what’s best for business and start Travis Shaw over that fat abomination Pablo Sandoval at third base. Shaw has been the better player this spring and he’s earned the right o be the starter. I know the Red Sox are paying Sandoval $19 million a season but I don’t give a rat’s ass! Shaw is performing at a higher level and he should play over Sandoval.

If Farrell values his job, he’ll do the right thing and start Shaw. The competition is over. I know Sandoval has hit the ball better in the past week and he’s been better in the field, but the fact of the matter is, Shaw is better than him right now. Until Shaw cools off and stops producing, he should be the everyday third baseman for the Red Sox.

To Sandoval’s credit, he’s been very complementary of Shaw and he’s embraced the competition. The fact of the matter is however, he doesn’t have a choice. Sandoval needs to sack up and do his job. He needs to start earning his money. If he continues to under perform, he’ll sit on the bench, collect ass splinters and draw the ire of the local media and the fans. He needs to become the player the Red Sox thought they were getting when they signed him. If he doesn’t, Sandoval be Shaw’s back up for the foreseeable future.