2016 NFL Draft: Titans GM Jon Robinson Should Ask for a King’s Ransom for the Number One Pick.


If I were Tennessee Titans GM Jon Robinson, I would ask for a king’s ransom for the number one pick as well. It’s the first pick in the draft. It still has value, especially in a draft like this where two quarterbacks could potentially go in the first ten picks.

Robinson should be asking for a king’s ransom. The Titans have a variety of needs and the only way to fill them is to have multiple picks in the draft. Sure, taking Laremy Tunsil makes sense as a backside pass protector for Marcus Mariota but the Titans could trade down, pick up a couple of extra picks and draft Notre Dame left tackle Ronnie Stanley. Stanley might not be as talented as Tunsil but he’s athletic and has the potential to be a franchise left tackle. Stanley and two other players who can fill needs is better than just taking Tunsil at the top of the draft.

If the Titans trade the pick and move down, it gives the flexibility to draft another player other Tunsil in the first round. Its tough to sell your fan base on Jalen Ramsey or Joey Bosa with the first overall pick but if you are picking in the three to six area, you take either player, fill a need and justify the pick.

The draft is the only way for Robinson to rebuild the Titans. Tennessee has spent plenty of money in free agency in recent years and it hasn’t worked out. Robinson needs to fall back on his experience with the Patriots and rebuild this team through the draft and affordable free agents. Moving the number one pick in this year’s draft is the first step in that process. The more players Robinson can draft, the better!

The Titans are a couple of years away from contending. They have a potential franchise quarterback in Mariota and they have some other pieces to work with. They need more players, specifically young players. Robinson needs to sell the number one pick and bring in some of those players this off-season. The time is now for the Titans. Robinson needs to up sell the hell out of the first overall pick and get the best value for it. Its the only way Tennessee can rebuild and contend again long term.