Doc’s Daily Blurb: Who Knew B.C Football and Basketball Sucked So Bad?

(courtesy of CBS local)

Its been a tough year at the heights athletically. Both the football and basketball teams have really struggled. The football team didn’t win a single game in the ACC this season and if the basketball team doesn’t beat Clemson on Saturday afternoon, they too will go unless winless in the conference. That hasn’t happened since 1943-44 when Georgia went winless in the SEC in both football and basketball. It would be nice to see the Eagles salvage one league win between the two programs but its not going to happen. Head Football Coach Steve Addazio and Head Basketball Coach Jim Christian have a lot of work to do. Both will be on the hot seat moving forward as they should be. In their defense, its B.C. While its easy to recruit athletes to Boston, the city is not a college sports town so you don’t always get high end talent. No talent = no success.

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