Doc’s 6 Rants of the Day for January 12th 2016

There’s something likable about a goofy white guy named Dabo.

1. Alabama is really good. They have talent up the wazoo and Nick Saban is the best coach in football not named Belichick. Don’t worry Bama fans, Saban isn’t going anywhere. He’s in Tuscaloosa there for the long haul. Why would he leave football heaven? It makes zero sense.

2. I must admit, I was pulling for Clemson. There is something likable about a dorky coach named Dabo and his super skilled football team.

3. The Bruins continue to find ways to choke. They did it again last night against the Rangers. They need to find a way to stay above water on this road trip. They got a tough one tomorrow in Philly.

4. I really can’t stand the Celtics these days. The way they are playing really annoys me. They are inconsistent as hell on both ends of the floor. That’s why they can’t beat a quality team right now.

5. Bill Belichick with a black eye cracks me up. Maybe its because Belichick is dorky looking and he doesn’t strike me as the fighting type.

6. Ben Roethlisberger will play this week. He’s tougher than a cheap steak. There is no way he misses the game against Can O Corn Manning and the Broncos.