NFL At Large: Doc’s Thoughts on Wild Card Weekend and Other Stuff.

Blair Walsh
Blair Walsh. The new face of “Miss”ery

1.I know most people think that Marvin Lewis should be fired because of what happened on Saturday night but I wouldn’t fire him for that. I would fire him for his 0-7 record in the playoffs. I would cut Vontaze Burfict and Pacman Jones. Those two ass clowns don’t deserve to be on an NFL roster.

2.I’m glad the Texans showed up. Billy O needs a quarterback. Christian Hackenberg, where you at?

3.The Chiefs are a lot better than people think and they will give the Patriots all they can handle in the divisional round. The Chiefs and Cardinals are the most balanced teams left in these playoffs.

4. If the Steelers were healthy, they would beat Denver on Sunday but with Big Ben and Antonio Brown hurt, they have no chance. Denver will run them over.

5. Blair Walsh gagged! Period! I know the conditions weren’t favorable but you’ve got to make that kick. Instead, he joins Gary Andersen in Vikings lore as being a choker. Cue Verne Lundquist. Walsh might be the sickest man in America this morning.

6. The Packers looked like the Packers of old yesterday in their 35-18 trouncing of the Redskins. Unfortunately, thanks to Blair Walsh, they get to go back to Arizona. They have no chance in that game. Carolina would have been a better match up for them.

7. Adam Gase is a great hire for the Dolphins. He’s young, innovative and he’ll be able to relate to Ryan Tannehill something Joe Philbin couldn’t do.

8. Is he Hue Jackson really waiting on the Giants? If the Niners offered him their head coaching opening, he should take it!

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