I’m Just Sayin: The Colts Did the Right Thing in Retaining Chuck Pagano.

  Matt Kryger/The Star

The Indianapolis Colts shocked the football world last night when owner Jim Irsay announced that he had decided to keep both head coach Chuck Pagano and GM Ryan Grigson. Pagano signed a four extension to make it official. 

This is a shocking move considering everyone thought Pagano was as good as gone after a disappointing 8-8 season which saw the Colts fail to qualify for the playoffs. Despite missing the playoffs this past season, Pagano was 33-15 in his first three seasons, which included two division titles. He’s won football games so that factored into Irsay’s decision to retain him. 

Signing Pagano to an extension is the right move for the Colts. The players love Pagano and they truly enjoy playing for him. I’m sure Irsay would have loved to lure Nick Saban out of Alabama or traded for Sean Payton, but he knew that he couldn’t get either coach so he made the smart business decision to bring back Pagano.

Pagano is better option for the Colts than any coach in the open market. He’s a proven commodity to Irsay. Irsay chose stability and continuity over making a splash which rare in today’s NFL world.

If the Colts get healthy next year and Pagano and Grigson get on the same page, there is no reason to believe that the Colts can’t once again be a playoff team. If there is anyone that can get them back to the playoffs, it’s Chuck Pagano. I’m just saying. 

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