Patriots Pulse Blog: Brady’s Ankle Sprain is a Concern. (Video)

Tom Brady was diagnosed with a sprained right ankle and while the injury isn’t serious enough to keep him out of the Patriots first round playoff game in two weeks, its still concerning especially when you consider how bad the Patriots offensive line is playing.

Brady is immobile as it is, so putting him behind the worst offensive line of any team in the playoffs is a concern. He could be a sitting duck. The Patriots will take every precaution possible but sprains can be tough. Its all about controlling the swelling and making sure that Brady rests it. Now I’m no doctor but I’ve been around the game a long time so I know how tough these injuries could be.

We all know that Brady wouldn’t miss the playoffs over something like this but he needs to heal. The Patriots go as he goes. No TB12, no chance. He needs to be as close to 100% as possible come January 16th.