NFL At Large: Doc’s Thoughts on Week 17.

Chuck Pagano deserves better.

1. The Patriots did not tank yesterday’s game! People around here need to stop saying stupid shit and face reality. The Patriots didn’t show up and they lost. I know its hard to believe given how bad the Dolphins are but in a league where the talent difference and the margin of error is slim, the Patriots got beat fair and square!

2. The Jets lost! HAHAHAHAHAHAHA! You can change the GM and the coach all you want but you can’t change the culture of losing. Do you think Rex loved sticking it to his former team, especially former Bills Chan Gailey and Ryan Fitzpatrick? Yeah, I bet he loved it!

3. The Steelers back doored their way into the playoffs but can they be a factor in these playoffs without a legit running back? I say no. DeAngelo Williams was a pleasant surprise and he filled LeVeon Bell’s shoes admirably but who replace him? Don’t give me this Fitz Toussaint bullshit! He’s no DeAngelo Williams never mind LeVeon Bell.

4. Is anyone really surprised that Johnny Manziel didn’t show up for treatment? He’s a white trash low life with zero character! If Jerry Jones trades for him, he’s a bigger moron than we thought!

5. Chuck Pagano deserved better. He’s a good man and a good coach Unfortunately, the situation in Indy is so dysfunctional, there was no way he could win. Ryan Grigson and Jim Irsay are tool bags who deserve each other. He’ll get another shot and when he does, he’ll succeed. The Colts will regret not giving him another season.

6. Can the NFL step in and force Jimmy “The Shyster” Haslem to sell the Browns? They seem to stick their nose in everything else, why not this? Browns fans deserve better. Haslem is a loser and the Browns will forever be losers as long as he’s in charge.

7. Call me crazy but I truly believe that the Seahawks are the best team in the NFC. I think they’ll get back to the bowl. That’s my prediction.

8. The ballwashing of Peyton Manning yesterday was awful. So he comes into the game and “saves the season” for the Broncos. All he did was hand the damn ball off! Can the national media just take a break from the tongue bathing for once! He’s not a savior! Osweiler sucked ass yesterday. That’s why he played!

9. Kudos to Charles Woodson on a great career. Surefire first ballot hall of famer.

10. The Green Bay Packers went from pre-season favorite to dumpster fire! They suck! They don’t even deserve to be in the playoffs. You want to know how bad they are this season? They lost to Detroit, Chicago and Minnesota at home. That hasn’t happened in 25 years! They are an abomination! The Redskins will beat them.

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